Farm management app Australia: 

Farm management app traceability delivers improved yield for fruit and vegetable farming using Farmsoft Australia's Farming App to ensure all teams perform the correct farming tasks at the correct time with correct materials. Teams are guided through farming tasks to maximise quality and yield, automatic traceability, inventory control, budgeting, alerts and more...

Farm management app: 

Farm management app traceability delivers improved yield for fruit and vegetable farming using Farmsoft Australia's Farming App to ensure all teams perform the correct farming tasks at the correct time with correct materials. Teams are guided through farming tasks to maximise quality and yield, automatic traceability, inventory control, budgeting, alerts and more... 

Farm inventory

Manage farm inventory at unlimited sites (each site can have unlimited warehouse) so you can see where all inventory is in real time.  Extreme high levels of accountability highlight where any inventory has gone missing and which employees were using it. Automatic inventory audit trail and tracking. Unlimited inventory items. Optional bar-code farm inventory management.


Perform stock-takes any time by category or storage location. Know how much inventory you have in real time, even search by storage location. Report by product line and storage location, or product category.

Quality control & checklists

Perform QC tests for for any farm task, calibration of equipment, in field fresh produce quality tests, or for any employee or team.    Attach unlimited photos & documents to QC tests from your cell or tablet.  

Farm task management

Farming tasks are scheduled and viewed by farm managers from the farm diary, teams can view their farming tasks on the "My tasks" screen and rapidly scan inventory used, capture start and finish times, employees working on the task, and equipment, land area, and details required by regulation.

Farm PHI & re-entry

The farmsoft farm management app traceability shows PHI alerts if you attempt to schedule a harvest that will breach a PHI, or schedule a farm spray task that will breach Pre Harvest Intervals.  Re-entry alerts stop physical tasks being scheduled if a prior spray application conflicts with the new task.

Farm traceability & recalls

Farm traceability is built into every part of farmsoft. Instant mock recalls both up and down the supply chain using supplier lot/batch, supplier name, delivery date, invoice #, inventory #, pallet #, customer reference, order # and more..  Trace product from end customer back to specific land are and the exact inventory (and batches) and employees & equipment that were used in farming.

Optional packing module

Use the optional farmsoft fruit & vegetable packing solution to manage your packing operations.  Full integration with the farming app traceability shares traceability data and gives you farm to fork high resolution traceability and accountability with cost & profit monitoring across the entire business. 

Unlimited farm sites & warehouses

Create unlimited farm sites, specify which sites each employee can view (this restricts inventory, farm tasks, invoices etc to selected sites).  Great for businesses with multiple locations across the country or globe or many farms.

We tailor your farm solution

We will add new fields to screens, configure special processes, build a template for your best farming practice, setup farming areas and land, and more...

Farm purchase orders

Order farming materials such as fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and other farming inventory.  Analyze orders and prices using Purchases dashboard. 

Farm inventory re-order alerts

Receive alerts when farm inventory needs to be reordered, analyze inventory that will need ordering in the future...  Set alerts by farm warehouse or site warehouse, specify different farm supervisors to receive alerts for each site.

Finance apps

Export invoices (AR) and Purchase Orders (AP) to your chosen finance app.  Integrate with Xero online.  

Note that farmsoft is not a finance app.  

Farm management app for fruit, vegetable, hop farming.  
 Additional traceability for farm to fork traceabilitydate plantation software,  Farmsoft vertical farming app for urban and indoor farming, farm traceability app for instant farm recalls and farm audits, farm budgeting, farm quality, farm inventory, farm diary, farm land management.  Farming app to be used in conjunction with Farmsoft's farming app optional farming modules.  

Farmsoft Farm Management App for Traceability: Enhancing Farming Efficiency and Productivity in Australian Fresh Produce Sector

In the realm of modern agriculture, efficient management and traceability are crucial for the success of fresh produce farmers. The Farmsoft Farm Management App for Traceability emerges as a comprehensive solution, empowering Australian farmers to perform farming tasks accurately, maintain traceability of farm chemicals and fertilizers, optimize farm budgets, reduce inventory shrinkage, and utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance productivity and profitability. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of the Farmsoft Farm Management App, highlighting its impact on the entire farming enterprise.

Accurate Task Management:
Farmsoft Farm Management App serves as an indispensable tool for fresh produce farmers, providing them with real-time guidance on performing correct farming tasks at the correct time. The app incorporates a detailed farming calendar, offering personalized recommendations based on crop types, planting dates, and regional conditions. By facilitating precise task scheduling and timely execution, the app ensures optimal utilization of resources, resulting in increased crop yields and improved quality.

Enhanced Farm Traceability:
With the increasing demand for transparency in the food supply chain, farm traceability has become a critical aspect of modern agriculture. The Farmsoft App enables farmers to track and document every step of the farming process, including the use of chemicals and fertilizers. By capturing data on inputs, application rates, and application dates, the app ensures compliance with regulatory standards while fostering consumer trust. Real-time traceability also enables rapid response to potential issues, such as product recalls or quality control measures.

Farm Budgeting Services:
Effective farm budgeting plays a vital role in managing financial resources and optimizing profitability. The Farmsoft Farm Management App provides comprehensive budgeting services, allowing farmers to plan and monitor their expenses with precision. Through its intuitive interface, the app enables farmers to allocate budgets for various activities such as seed procurement, irrigation, pest control, and equipment maintenance. By offering insights into cost projections and actual expenditures, the app empowers farmers to make informed decisions, reducing financial risks and enhancing overall farm management.

Farm Chemical and Fertilizer Traceability:
The Farmsoft App addresses a pressing concern in the agricultural sector—traceability of farm chemicals and fertilizers. It enables farmers to maintain detailed records of all inputs, including product names, batch numbers, and expiration dates. By associating these inputs with specific crops or fields, the app ensures accurate monitoring of chemical usage, facilitating compliance with safety regulations and minimizing environmental risks. This traceability feature not only boosts sustainability efforts but also improves the overall efficiency of farm operations.

Inventory Shrinkage Reduction:
Inventory management is a constant challenge for farmers, as shrinkage can lead to substantial financial losses. The Farmsoft Farm Management App offers robust inventory tracking capabilities, enabling farmers to monitor stock levels, expiry dates, and storage conditions in real-time. Leveraging barcode scanning and RFID technologies, the app ensures accurate record-keeping, reducing the risk of inventory shrinkage due to spoilage, theft, or misplacement. By optimizing inventory management, farmers can minimize wastage and maintain consistent supply chains, resulting in improved profitability.

Artificial Intelligence for Productivity:
The integration of AI technologies within the Farmsoft App amplifies its effectiveness in driving productivity across the entire farming enterprise. By analyzing historical data, weather patterns, and crop-specific insights, the AI-powered module assists farmers in making data-driven decisions. The app provides personalized recommendations for irrigation schedules, pest control strategies, and optimal harvest timings, leading to increased operational efficiency, reduced resource waste, and improved crop yields. AI algorithms continuously learn from data inputs, evolving and refining their recommendations, thereby enabling farmers to adapt and respond to dynamic farming conditions effectively.

Managing a farmer’s supply chain is sometimes complicated. They are susceptible to many issues such as squeezing margins, fruit availability, vendor pricing, market accessibility, and fruit quality. Farm management systems are essential tools in farms and food processing industries.

In the food and beverage sector, the percentage of availability of fruits to the consumers and factories is still low. For instance, despite the increasing number of wineries in Kenya and Europe, we still can’t sustain the lucrative grape market. The demand curve for wine and table grapes have been going upwards throughout. After the opening of the Chinese and Mauritius’ market for avocados, the supply is still low despite the rising population and more consumption of the fruit. Buyers have one complaint in common; obtaining the desired quantity and quantity is an issue.

What Does This Mean?
The agriculture supply chains are quite complicated. Processing companies order specific fruits to farmers either to make value-added products such as macadamia in making cosmetics and chocolate using macadamia, wine using grapes, and juices using fruits such as oranges. When the fruits get to the warehouse, however, the processors are unable to process the entire product.

There are some questions which when posed to an executive at a fruit processing company they will barely be capable of providing a detailed answer. Maybe they won’t even have an answer for that. They include:

How many fruits will the farmer produce?
Is the farmer using the most efficient farming techniques to enhance fruit quality?
Can the farmer sustain the customer?
Are the set targets achieved and realistic?
What are food processing companies doing to ensure that the farmer produces the desired quantity?
How do farmers cope with price changes?
Is the farmer doing fruit farming as an agribusiness and are they making a significant profit?
What should farmers do to enhance the productivity of their trees?
Processing companies are one of the largest consumers of fruits such as grapes and macadamia and hence have a couple of farmers/producers in their value chain. This means there are a lot of questions on how they handle their supply chains.

What can Processing Companies do to Answer These Questions?
The most efficient way of answering these questions is by acquiring real-time data from the farmers or producers. This will help them to come up with efficient plans especially in meeting targets, sales, marketing, and strategies.

With the rapid advancements in technology, many companies in agriculture are embracing these innovations into their supply chains. Implementing farm management systems is one of the most effective ways of solving the problems that farmers and fruit processing factories face. Farmers and buyers can use the same system but with different features.

5 Ways in Which Farm Management Systems Solve Problems in the Fruit Farming Supply Chain
When doing farming as an agribusiness, monitoring a farmer’s accounts in one system is a good way of improving traceability, farming techniques employed, and supply chain management. Performing all management tasks in one place can help the farmer cut costs of orchard management, agronomy support, and marketing.

Reducing risk
Providing real-time data helps processing companies and consumers to know the employed farming practices, the fruit quality, and produce that they can deliver. The rising concern on extensive use of pesticides is sparkling fear to consumers, especially in the export market. A platform with real-time data on pesticide use assures consumers and processors that the fruits are safe.

Farm management systems provide an insight into how fruit processors and farmers are adhering to the set industry standards.

Fruit quality is essential element the agriculture subsector. No buyer is willing to invest in low-quality fruits. Having a user-friendly dashboard can help farmers know the best farming practices they should employ to enhance production and fruit quality. At the same time, it can help buyers fruit quality before approaching the farmer.

Transferring knowledge
Having many farmers and buyers in a centralized system provides an ideal ground for farmers to share information on how they can enhance productivity and have higher bargaining power.

When venturing into fruit farming, looking for help is essential. Whenever you are looking for agronomy support or want to kickstart your venture with high-quality seedlings, Oxfarm Ag Ltd will always assist you. Since every industry is embracing innovations in technology, we at Oxfarm would be happy to see you apply these advancements in your orchard.